Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 8

Well my official weigh in day of Friday, I was down a pound from the last Friday. But up from Monday's weigh in of 214.3, to 215.3. It is still a loss from my official weigh in day. :)

I have created a website for my Distributor orders.
You can order products through there if you want to. Coupon Code NEWLIFE will give you $10 off an order of $100 or more! It is valid through the end of June.

I am loving this. I feel awesome and I love that it works.
We will do measurements tonight so I will see how many more inches I have lost. But Cody said that "I can see a difference in your body. Your stomach is flatter than I remember" How cool is that??? He sees me every day, and for him to notice the change is AWESOME!!!

I love Herbalife!!! It will give me my life back, and a long one at that!

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  1. I'm so proud that you are 8 WEEKS into a brand new life! Many people quit any type of program that requires real change, shortly after they start it. You...rather, have begun a new life. Your body is gaining muscle mass, as opposed to losing it in a weight loss shown on a scale. As your muscle mass increases...your fat decreases. Amazing things are beginning to happen from the inside out in your body...that is why you feel so fantastic. I can't wait to see your final results!! KEEP ON Keeping On!!! Love you! N